About Us

Megan Victoria

Owner / Creative Director of Illumine Social Club.

Megan is a gemologist, artist and fine jeweler who has utilized her 24 year career in these fields for a deeper development in metaphysics. She grew up in Egypt and traveling extensively from a very young age, witnessing countries rise and fall and international regime changes has instilled vast perspective of time and influence in her heart.

Visiting the shop you will find Megan studying anything from quantum bio-chemistry for insight into presentations of color, light theory to the archeology of jewelry making.

Her own personal artwork, jewelry and vision can be found in the JupiterLala tab or more extensively at www.JUPITERLALA.com.



Paul Fickett

Owner / Director of Illumine Social Club - this is the "social aspect"

Always believing in our innate ability to create, a young Paul often found himself amongst his friends building forts, models, haunted forests, and backyard theaters. Later on, with the advent of the super8 camera, and the inspiration of Spielberg and Lucas, he found himself amongst his friends blowing up those said models and scratching laser effects into film and learning the ins and outs of stop motion animation. Not necessarily one to write the story… but to facilitate in the telling of the story.

 Later still a much older and wiser Paul, now free from his toys and models… found home amongst the theater folk and has enjoyed a 30 year career in technical theater with a focus on lighting and technical management.

 His vast skillset in lighting spans the spectrum from component level repair of robotic luminaires to programming and lighting design for plays, festivals, and concerts. 

 From forts to festivals he is no stranger to gathering teams for conceptualizing, developing, building and integrating final projects for artists and other visionaries.

 You could say: he brings good things to light.