At its core Illumine Social Club is a lifestyle shop centered on illumination, both metaphysical and literal. You could call us "Light Curious".

You will find in our store - fine jewelry, clothing, ceramics, home wares and stained glass art pieces - with sustainability and ethics in mind, women owned, BIPOC owned. 

 Our shop is also home to a biofeedback portrait studio (aura photography), ILLUMINE BEING.

 Beyond the store, we host and encourage enlightening discussions to broaden our shared understanding of each other and the world we live in.

 In a broad definition, social clubs allow people interested in common activities or subjects to congregate and interact with one another. Our goal at Illumine Social Club is to bridge the divide between fields of study and disciplines- and offer a more in-depth, meaningful understanding of our world and how we interact.

 We will be hosting monthly guest talks on a wide variety of topics, as well as more casual weekly meet ups on a pre-determined theme… with encouragement to drift off topic.

We aim to open our doors in October, we cant wait to see you!



Megan & Paul

ps - Feel free to reach out and say hello! We are still building this site and page so bear with us and give us a little time to create something great!